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The museum

Museu Balear de Ciències Naturals

The Balearic Museum of Natural Sciences in Sóller is a scientific institution with more than 35 years of history and known for its rich heritage and valuable natural history collections. At the same time, it generates and disseminates knowledge on the past and present diversity of the Balearic Islands through research, exhibitions, a comprehensive environmental educational programme and a wide range of activities for all ages and audiences.

Open since 1992, the headquarters of the Museum are based in Sóller, in a small early 20th-century mansion located on an estate called Es Camp d’en Prohom.

The Museum is currently part of the Foundation “Sóller Botanic Garden – Balearic Museum of Natural Sciences”.

Our History

The Balearic Museum of Natural Sciences was born out of an idea that arose among a group of naturalists, enthusiasts and experts in different branches of biological and earth sciences. In 1980 they decided to start an association with the intention to create a natural history museum and botanic garden in the municipality of Sóller, covering mainly the nature of our geographical environment. 

The large number of naturalists who worked on the Balearics without having a place to keep the materials they were studying gave the final push to this project. Also, the lack of a place for environmental pedagogy specific to the local environment and the non-existence of a museum of natural sciences in other parts of the islands also contributed to its realisation. In order to launch this initiative, the association turned to several scientists who had already studied the Balearic nature. One of them was Guillem Colom Casasnovas, who gave his support and moral strength to the project.

On 9th May 1992, the Museum of Natural Sciences and the Botanic Garden opened its doors, in an event that brought together nature lovers as well as a large number of naturalists, researchers and political and cultural personalities from the Balearic Islands. Their attendance gave the necessary support to the association to move forward.

The years of struggle and very intense selfless work of all the members of the association eventually paid off, leading to the realisation of a project that has now become a consolidated reality recognised by the naturalist community.

Our Mission

The Museum’s mission statement is in line with the Buffon Declaration, signed in 2007 by 93 natural history institutions from all five continents.

The preservation, custody, conservation, study and promotion of the collections of municipal ownership and permanent deposits resulting from the scientific activity carried out or obtained by donations from collaborators and other persons or bodies.

The study and dissemination of knowledge on natural history, mainly related to the Balearic Islands.

The teaching and transmission of the natural values of the Balearic Islands and, in general, of the environment and natural resources, in order to make the general public aware of the need to protect them.

Permanent exhibitions

Living Islands – a glimpse of Balearic biodiversity
Exhibition about the high diversity of organisms that exist in the Balearic Islands, the importance of their preservation and the…
Fossils – a look into the past
This palaeontological exhibition consists of more than 1,000 fossilised specimens from the Balearic Islands, Europe and the rest of the…
History of Natural Sciences in the Balearic Islands
The exhibition shows the most important naturalists who visited and worked on the Balearic Islands from the Enlightenment to the…